The Days They Let Us Loose




From time to time, us animation students were let out of our darkened rooms to learn more about the world. Our first trip was during Fresher’s Week. We went to the gorgeous Bowe’s Museum in Durham. We couldn’t have gone at a better time as the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit was on display when we visited. The exhibit was extraordinary, I think I just stood & took photos of all the fashion the whole time! I loved that they had set up a runway with the mannequins on so it looked like a fashion show.

IMG_20150916_103742 IMG_20150916_120155

IMG_20150916_131402 IMG_20150916_113002

IMG_20150916_112938 IMG_20150916_112559 IMG_20150916_104506 IMG_20150916_104442  IMG_20150916_104922 IMG_20150916_104706 IMG_20150916_104634 IMG_20150916_104616IMG_20150916_110216

We also visited the Game On exhibition at the Life Center in Newcastle. It was a major nostalgia trip with a huge room filled with all the games & consoles I grew up with. I think I may have actually squealed when I came across Bustamove on the PlayStation. The cooler kids in the class went straight for Rock Band & spent the day jamming.

Snapchat--5514138881453288690 IMG_20151015_131400IMG_20151015_134444

We had the opportunity to go to the Manchester Animation Festival. There were many seminars & screenings of graduate animations. It was a super interesting day.

IMG_20151118_153308 Snapchat-6790884777678466696

Maybe next year we’ll get to go to Annecy 😀

Yahni 🙂