Smudge & Click Animation


Our Smudge & Click animation was given the theme of myths & monsters. I adore myths & legends so I was in my element with this animation.

We didn’t want to go for the obvious choice for myths, like Hercules, Perseus or Thor, so we decided to animate the Morrigan from Irish folklore. The Morrigan is a woman of otherworldly power & is famous for her ability to shapeshift. Her preferred form is the crow. The Morrigan is primarily associated with fate & the foretelling of doom on the eve of battle. In her crow form, the Morrigan circles above the battle field inspiring fear or courage in the hearts of the warriors. So she wasn’t solely a symbol of imminent death, she could influence the outcome of war.

On occasions the Morrigan would show favour towards a particular warrior. Sometimes she would join the battle & have a more direct influence over the battle, like in the legend of Cú Chulainn.

The transformation scenes of the Morrigan changing into a crow will allow for some beautiful transitions. We used ground up chalk pastels in a variety of colours & felt it would give a smokey/foggy look to the animation, particularly during the transformation scenes. Underneath the multi-plane camera used to film the animation, we placed acetate sheets on the background layer , green for the transformations & magic scenes & blue for any scenes where the crow flies.

For music, we wanted an epic tune for the background to help set the scene. We used music by Jay Man at Our Music Box.

Yahni 🙂