Professional Practice Module – Mobile Game Concept Part One


For the Professional Practice Module of my final year, we have been set the task of creating a concept for a mobile game app. This is a group project. I’m in a group of three with Lauren and Grace.

During the initial planning for this project we came up with the idea of Blip’s Blunder, a side scrolling platform game with puzzle elements. The main character, Blip, is tasked with looking after his friend’s hamster for the summer. A seemingly simple task but Hammy Houdini has other plans for his summer holiday. After Hammy escapes, Blip is lead on a wild goose chase trying to retrieve him. Blip’s only clues as to Hammy’s whereabouts are the postcards sent by Hammy at the end of every game chapter. These postcards (thought up by Lauren) show Hammy in his new location and are used to taunt Blip as well as foreshadow the new locations.

As a group, we decided on the following allocation of tasks:

Lauren – Blip and Hammy design, basic animations of both

Grace – Market research and title/splash page design

Yahni – UI design and UX research

All group members to fully design a level concept and enemies for those levels and complete animations for those. I will post updates of my contributions to this group project on this blog. Additionally, we have created a group blog as required for this module, which can be found here.

Yahni 🙂