Professional Practice Module – Live Brief


For the live brief element of this module, I chose the 11 Second Club. The competition is a month long so I had the whole of October to complete it. The audio for the brief was very interesting as it contained only one word of dialogue, the rest was metallic, crashing sounds. You could pick any method of animation for this. Due to my interest in CG character animation and that the competition allows participants to use pre-modelled and rigged characters , I decided to create my submission in Maya using the Bonnie rig.

Since the audio provided for the October competition contained a lot of metallic clattering noises, my first idea for this brief was to have the character trying to start her car but things start to go very wrong.

The second idea I had for this brief was to have the character walking along the street and narrowly escapes getting hit by falling pipes.

I started off blocking out the walk cycle. As she is holding her phone, the arms don’t move but I added a slight shoulder drop when her foot hits the ground.

The character is happily texting away on her phone, unaware of her surroundings. The Bonnie character that I used for this has a great and easy to use facial rig so I could be quite expressive with her facial expressions.

The character looks behind her quite a lot during this sequence so there was a lot of movement to add in for her upper body.  I avoided using hip section of the rig too much here and focused on the the waist, chest and shoulder section as I didn’t want her turning with her whole body, just the upper body.

This section was the most fun to do as she flies through the air after this shot. I had to make sure the rolling cylinder hit her foot at the right time which was quite challenging as she is running in this part. I also had to make sure the head tipped back and that the spine arched in time with her arms flailing upwards.

I thought it would seem more natural if one arm raised just a touch before the other. More of an arch to the back or tilt of the head to thrust the chin forward a bit may be necessary here. As the character drags along the floor until coming to a stop, I felt it would be fun to have her arms and legs flail around a bit so that the movement wasn’t too static.

I added a tip forward of the upper body as the front leg started to straighten to indicate the distribution of weight and show that she is pushing up off that front leg.

As her face is hidden here, I went on to add some emotion into her body language by having the upper body slump then come back up a bit, as if she is trying to catch her breath and recover.


I experimented with the lighting and shadows for this animation and added in a brick wall texture in the background. This was done using a royalty free tileable brick wall image.

This is a transition between the walk cycle to the run cycle, I added some falling blocks in to give reason as to why she gets a fright and starts running. These fit in very well with the metallic clanks in the audio for this brief.

Below is the final video I created for this brief.

Thanks for watching!
Yahni 🙂