Professional Practice Module – Game App Concept Part Two


I decided to create a forest level for my side scrolling level design. Rather than make a regular 1920×1080 tileable image for the background to duplicate in After Effects, I created a document in Photoshop that 9600 x 1080 so that I could create a bit of variety to each section of the background while maintaining flow during movement. I started off using the pen and shape tools to create the basic shapes of the ground and the trees. The group decided on a silhouette style, with the front layer of the levels being the darkest and gradually getting lighter into the distance. To begin with, I kept to grey tones to see how the silhouette design would work without the distraction of vibrant colours.


I explored some colour themes and thought of using bright whimsical colours for this level. However, I don’t think this works as well as I had thought. I thinned down the tree trunks to create more of a break in the colour but prefer the original thickness for these. Since Grace is designing a fantasy themed level, I think it would be best if I stick to original colours for this level design so that our respective designs don’t look too similar.


I had a further look at different colours, sticking to blues, greens and yellows but I still explored some brighter colours as well for future use in collectible items and power ups.


Out of the three images here, the background I like best is the one on the right hand side. I asked the group for their opinions on this and they both agreed that this was the most effective background. I will go ahead and take this into After Effects to see how this looks as a side scrolling level concept.

Yahni 🙂