Professional Practice Module – Game App Concept Part Three


For the enemy character for the forest level, I came up with the idea of having an evil mole character. A mole would fit well with the forest environment and I can animate them popping out of some mole hills on the ground, adding a difficulty element as Blip would have to jump over them or wait until they go back underground to pass by unscathed.

I used the images above as reference and began blocking out the basic shapes of the mole. For the claws, I’ll use the pen tool so I can get a nice clean curl and bend on them as well as a fairly sharp point. Since we are designing a few very different levels, to maintain consistency with the enemy characters we have agreed on a colour scheme that will be used for all enemy characters. This will help the player to distinguish who the enemies are no matter what level they’re on. As the enemy characters will be on the playable, front layer of the level and we have decided to use a silhouette style for the levels, this layer will appear the darkest. With this in mind, it was decided that the enemy characters should be black, with light grey or white for the details and red for the eyes.

I do like the version of the mole that has its head titled upwards though the eyes can’t be seen so I had to add a red glow to the outer of the mole to stay within the colour scheme. This does work well though I don’t feel it’s as menacing at the top design with the glowing red eyes. I added a red glow to this design as well and fell this will help the mole stand out against the darker colours of the level. Here’s how both look when placed in the level. Version 1 is more clear I feel and will be more obvious when it’s animated.

Lauren created some hamster treats that will act as the collectibles for this game. I have brought all the elements of this level together and animated them in After Effects, including Lauren’s treats. For the side scrolling background, I simply keyframed the position and moved the layers from right to left. I made the layers 3D layers so I could move them further away from each other on the Z-axis to create more depth. I added a body of water to the end of this part of the level which could lead on to an underwater level designed by Grace.

The UI is next on my agenda so the following posts will cover this.

Yahni 🙂