Professional Practice Module – Game App Concept Part Five


Lauren came up with an idea of having a postcard (sent from Hammy to Blip) indicate game locations. To tie this in with a game save mechanism, I thought of using polaroids to show the player’s game saves or checkpoints. I got inspiration for this from the console game LittleBig Planet, where the character poses for photos at the end of the level next to a scoreboard and snapshots are taken of the character throughout the game.

I thought it would be fun to incorporate something similar in our game. As a group we then decided to have the postcards indicate the chapters of the game (a new postcard would show a new location and unlock this new chapter) and the player would collect polaroids for each chapter. We decided to name the polaroids ‘Moments’. I came up with an idea of having a pinboard for each chapter and corresponding Moments would collect on each board. The group had thought of having the opening scene of the game show Blip at his desk on his computer while Hammy escapes from his cage so the concept of the pin board works really well with this idea.

My original idea was to have a blue background but when I started to add other elements like the pen pot and hamster cage, it just seemed to bright and a bit hard to look at. I tried out a green background and was very pleased with the result. I wanted some elements that would make the desk seem like it was used but didn’t want too much clutter as it would look too busy once the polariods started collecting. I added some stationery and some posters to the board. For the hamster cage, I thought it would be best to have a plastic, see through cage rather than a wire cage so that the inside of the cage was more visible and Hammy’s absence would be noticeable.

I  created a video of how the moments board will look like when animated.

I also created a video to demonstrate getting into the game via the chapter moments from the main menu.