Pre-production Module – Storyboard and Animatic


As my script was for my opening cutscene of Discordia, I storyboarded a section of it. I would then take the storyboard and turn it into an animatic. Our animatics were to be no more than 2 minutes max as we have a 10 minute presentation pitching out idea to our tutors. We had to take into consideration the time constraint of our presentation when creating our animatic so that we left ourselves enough time to talk about our idea and present it clearly. My animatic is just sitting at 2 minutes!

My storyboard begins with some moving shots leading into the Arcane Temple then up into the Archives with Mira sitting in her Magical history lesson. During the moving shots, there will be a voice over of the Keeper retelling the history of when there were 7 Overseers and their war with each other. It then cuts into the lesson with the Keeper lost in her retelling and Mira couldn’t be any less interested. She entertains herself by using her magic to play a prank on the Keeper, levitating a book over the Keeper’s head while she walks around the room, much to the chagrin of Cedric who sits beside Mira.

The book wobbles precariously when Mira gets distracted by a tingle in her hand and a blue light emanating from it. The book does indeed fall when everyone gets distracted by a loud rumbling noise though the Keeper catches it flawlessly before it hits her head, knowing all along what Mira was up to. The Keeper’s tirade about Mira’s irresponsibility is interrupted by another, much louder rumble seeming to come from the Vault and the whole room begins to shake. Anguished, the Keeper realises what is at play and hurries up to the Vault with Mira and Cedric in tow. There, they discover Erebus stealing the Aether and learn of his horrible plan.

Hope you like it!
Yahni 🙂