Pre-production Module – Level and Environment Designs


The seven worlds that make up my game concept are as follows:

Luma – The keystone of all the other worlds. All other worlds are directly connected to Luma via an Arc. While Luma isn’t the largest of the worlds, with its lush countryside and agreeable weather, it is the most populated world of the seven. Home of Mira and The Keeper. The Arcane Temple is situated here and is the starting point of the game.

Discordia – Consisting of harsh terrain and jagged rock formations, Discordia is the least friendly of all. Its climate is unforgivingly hot, particularly in the Lava Plains and Noxia where the Perilous Pathway is.

Verna – An enchanting and whimsical world where things aren’t always as they seem. For an outsider it can be very easy to get lost here.

Brinne – Brinnians are a people who take the form of an animal. They are very studious and reserved and gaining more knowledge is what drives them. Homeland of the Companions.

Fee – A busy fast paced world where everyone and everything seems in a hurry. Efficiency is like a religion to the people here and they never slow down, not even to take a breath. It’s a small wonder that they’re all purple in the face!

Zomah – The people of Zomah have a reputation for being the laziest of all. Even the air itself is lazy. Movement here will feel sluggish.

Mina – A small but rich world where mines are abundant. The vast majority of precious metals and minerals are found here because of this they have a monopoly on the other worlds for these items. They love to trade and are happy to help others out but at a price…

The Arcane Temple is where the game begins and will remain a central point throughout the game. The opening cutscene will take place here. I liked the idea of having glowing mushrooms dotted around the stairway here to add some light to the deep forest and to add a touch of magic to it. I really wanted the position of the Temple to be quite high, mostly because it’s on a hill but to add to its importance.

For the Temple interior, I came up with the idea to have huge ancient tree with a stairway carved into it. On top of its large branches would be solarium style rooms, with stone pillars and painted glass. Two of such rooms would be the Archives (where Mira has her lessons) and the Vault (situated at the very top of the tree, storage of magical artifacts and tomes). The Temple has no roof in the centre to allow for the trees position and many platforms.

After the initial cutscene with Erebus stealing the Aether, level 1 begins. Mira and Cedric must escape the Temple before darkness overtakes it. This level is the easiest to allow the player to get a grasp of the controls and layout of the game. To keep it exciting this level is timed, approximately 90 seconds. At appropriate timed intervals, the screen will slowly darken as the darkness descends upon the temple. Along the way the player can collect Codex Scrolls to gain more knowledge about the games’ history and key characters within the game. These are entirely optional but add to the players’ gaming experience.

Note that there are no Arc Shards to collect on this level as Erebus does not use the Aether to break the Arcs until after the first level is complete.

Note that the worlds can be completed in any order the player choses, provided there is a repaired connecting Arc for the world they wish to move to. Discordia, the final world, will remain locked until all other worlds are complete to allow for story continuity.

After repairing all of the Arcs, Mira and Cedric venture to the unpredictable and dangerous world of Discordia. Erebus and Nyx have fled to the region of Noxia where the Temple of Discord lies. To get there they must pass through the Perilous Pathway, a river of lava with numerous floating platforms. They must tread carefully here, for if they fall in they must start again.

As the Arcs have been repaired, they mandatory collectible in this world are the Chaos keys which they player must collect 25 of to be granted access to the Temple of Discord where they can confront Erebus and Nyx, reclaim the Aether and restore light back to all the worlds.

Game Mechanics:

Character Coins – During gameplay the character coins can be found at the bottom left of the screen. There can only be one active character at a time. Mira and Cedric are both interchangeable and the active character is displayed in front of the un-active character


Any items that can be interacted with glow, from items blocking the players path, to Codex Scrolls, to Arc Shards.

Arc Shard Counter – At the top left of the screen the Arc Shard counter will be displayed. This will let the player know how many Arc shards they have collected for each world



Scattered around the seven worlds are gems to be collected. Gems can be used to distract Nyx when she interferes with a level.

Codex Scrolls are littered over all levels. Provide the player with important information about key characters.
scrollGame Rules and Payoffs:

The total amount of Arc Shards for each world must be collected before progressing to next world. Worlds can be completed in any order, providing the Arc connecting it to the current world had been repaired. Discordia will remain unlocked until all other worlds are complete. Each world varies in difficulty, the difficulty of the world will determine how many Arc Shards need to be collected:

Easy worlds – 50 Arc Shards to collect.

Intermediate worlds – 70 Arc Shards to collect.

Hard worlds – 100 Arc Shards to collect

Payoffs will be delivered at key stages in the game, for example after a particular world or level has been completed. As there is no level up system in Discordia, the payoffs will instead include new abilities for both characters and development/expansion of current abilities such as Stasis lasting for a longer time period and Arcane Blast having a larger effect radius.

Thanks for reading!
Yahni 🙂