Music Video


For the music video aspect of this module, I have chosen the song The Fall by Over Matter. The artist is Samuel Reed and he kindly gave me free reign to choose any of his songs for my music video.

I really want to use an illustrative style similar to Nick Sharrat’s illustrations for Jacqueline Wilson’s books. For me The Fall gives the impression of inner struggle and dealing with the feeling of failure , I want to soften that slightly by using such a style for the artwork. An initial inspiration was the character designs in the animated tv show Rick and Morty.

My designs have also been influenced by album artwork for bands Cloud Cult and The Midnight. I love the turbulent sea and the colours used in Cloud Cult’s album art and want to emulate this is some way for the earth scenes of the video. I want to depict the struggle of never achieving one’s goal/ambitions, never quite reaching those stars. To do that I had an idea to have a scene where the character ascends up into space and turns into a silhouette, a shell of themselves in a sense. I really like the style of The Midnight’s album art, as well as Skyharbor’s, for this part.

For my space background, I looked at the Andromeda galaxy for reference as the colours fit in nicely with my intended colour scheme.

For the character animation I will use the puppet tool in After Effects. Below are my character design and opening scene background.

My music video includes an underwater scene and I wanted to try my hand at creating an ink on water effect to overlay on the character. Using my copy stand, I positioned my camera above a basin of water (showing complete faith in my equipment though I admit I was a teeny bit nervous doing so!) and set to work dropping blue, purple and pink inks into the water with pipettes. Unfortunately, I didn’t achieve the result I desired. Admittedly it was an error on my part, using the purple filter that made editing the photographs via keylight near impossible but I now know better for future attempts. I ended up creating a similar effect digitally which I had more control over. I had fun trying ink on water and it’s all just part of the creative process and I now have some funky pictures of ink! 😀

I hope you enjoy my finished music video.

Yahni 🙂