Maya for Beginners Module – Plasticine Model


Starting with a simple wire armature, I started to block out basic shapes with plasticine. At this stage we were told to keep the model very basic as we would be 3D scanning it and the scanner wouldn’t pick up a lot of the detail.


3D scanning was done using a Matter and Form scanner which gave us a very basic mesh to use in Maya.

Once the 3D scan was complete we could start adding detail onto the plasticine model. I used metal modelling tools for the fine detail and sculpting and plastic ones for smoothing.

Finally, I painted the model using acrylic paints. For the skin tone, I used a flesh colour base and added a little green and a tiny bit of blue/black. I was very happy with the result.

I’ve just got the eyes and some skin detail left to paint.

Yahni 🙂