Lip Sync Practice


I love animating lip syncs so as practice, I set myself the task of completing a lip sync to pre-recorded dialogue. For this exercise, I chose a clip from the opening scene of Reservoir Dogs (1992) where Mr Pink (played by Steve Buschemi) explains his aversion to tipping servers.

I separated the audio and the video from this clip and exported the video as an image sequence to use as reference in Maya. I also imported the audio into the animation timeline. For the character, I used AnimSchool’s Malcom rig as my goal in this exercise was to focus on character animation rather than 3D modelling.

Rendering was completed using the Arnold render engine and I experimented with the lighting in the scene to get the desired result.

Below is my first pass and a video containing a side by side comparison with the original footage. Upon review of this, I feel it needs more exaggeration on the eyebrow wiggles and the mouth shapes at the end refined/sharpened. I’ll do a second pass of this animation and make those changes.

Thanks for watching!
Yahni 🙂