Final Major Project – Rendering & Compositing


As I am using toon shader textures throughout my animation I am using the Maya Hardware 2.0 renderer. This will allow me to render fairly quickly as I am not using complex lighting. I rendered using layers, rendering the background and foreground elements separately which gives me more control with compositing and adding effects in After Effects.

To add to the effect of a polluted environment I added 2 separate layers of fog and an adjustment layer of noise to give a dirty look to the fog.

I also adjusted the lighting of the background using the levels and brightness and contrast effects in After Effects to give a permanent night time feel to the animation.

The music for this piece is very atmospheric and futuristic with a gradual build up from sad/despairing notes to happy/hopefully tones. The music was created by music student Hayden Threadgall.

And…drum roll please… Here is the final product:

Thanks for watching!

Yahni 🙂