Calamity Clank



Our next animation is Stop Motion & the theme is set as attraction. For this we have had to make characters & create a set to animate our characters in. The characters could be made from any material we liked.

As a team, we came up with the story of a lonely robot called Clank who just wants to be loved. He goes to his computer to find out how he can craft himself a lady love. The computer directs him to a particular potion that would make his dream a reality. Clank pours his potion into a bucket of cogs & screws & from this a female robot is created. Clank is delighted but his happiness is short lived as the female robot rejects him & at the same time begins to malfunction (her eye pops out). Clank is devastated! The message behind the story is that love cannot be bought or created, it is something that can only develop naturally. Poor Clank.

To make Clank, we made a simple wire armature & Jack set to work covering him with blocks of card. The inspiration for this character design was the game Tearaway, in which the characters have the appearance of being made from paper/card craft. Clank was then spray painted a matte silver. We chose a matte silver so as to avoid any light reflecting or glaring on Clank when we were filming the animation.


While Jack worked on creating Clank, Grace & I got to work on building the set. We constructed a workshop set out of cardboard. We then painted it with acrylic paint so the set also had a matte finish. We added small details such as pipes & wiring to make the workshop look more realistic. The potion bottles were made from plasticine & wire then filled with glitter & sequins to make them look magical.

IMG_20160229_142432 IMG_20160304_155610 IMG_20160304_155631   IMG_20160307_152801 IMG_20160307_142459  IMG_20160404_162139

We built a computer for the set & I made a miniature keyboard to go with it. I used my own keyboard as reference. We also created a search engine for Clank to type his question into the computer. While we were filming this part, we took the piece of paper our from the computer & wrote a letter at a time so it looks as if Clank is typing.

IMG_20160311_213451 IMG_20160307_152744 IMG_20160307_133745

For the sounds, we thought a cute whimsical tune played in the background would work perfectly. This animation used sounds from Sound Bible & bensound.

I think Calamity Clank is my favourite out of our animations so far.

Yahni 🙂