AttRocktion – Pixilation Animation



For our Pixilation animation, we have been given the theme of attraction. This could be an attraction between two people, a force of attraction or event/spectacle. We were to shoot this animation on the beach & could use anything we found on the beach as props.


Our team came up with the heart warming story of two rocks who fall in love. They dream of running off into the sunset together but whenever the attempt to do so, they are thwarted by a human. The human is building a sandcastle & uses the male rock as the door for his sandcastle. The male rock keeps attempting to escape but is caught every time. The female rock waits for the human to get tired & fall asleep & mounts a rescue mission. At last they accomplish their dream & get married. Though their happy ending doesn’t last long & in a sad twist of fate the human exacts his revenge.

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Yahni 🙂