In September, I began studying Animation & Games Art at Sunderland University & I’ve never been happier. It took me a few years after leaving high school to decide what career path I wanted to go down. The more I thought about it, the more I kept hitting a brick wall.

Stories & art have been a love of mine since I was a little girl. Books, games, movies & cartoons, I adore them all. I always thought I had to pursue an academic career even though my heart lay in the creative studies. But after finishing high school, working for a while & figuring out what kind of person I wanted to be, I knew I had to go for it. I had to have a creative career. So in September 2015, I began studying Animation & Games Art at Sunderland University.

I’ve always believed that our imagination is one of our greatest gifts. We can create whole worlds with just a thought. As a species we’ve always had a love of story telling & wanting to give life to our stories, ever since the cavemen started drawing on cave walls, adding extra limbs to their drawings to depict movement. Story telling, particularly through the medium of Animation, can give people so much joy. You become attached to characters, they make you laugh, you cry for them, you start rooting for them & cheering them on, you believe in them. But when it comes down to it all they started out as a drawing on a piece of paper, a plasticine model, an idea in someone’s head. That is the true wonder of animation & the reason I’m studying to be an animator, to give to others what animation has given to me…Sheer joy & stories that will last a lifetime.

I look forward to sharing my work with you all. I’m a huge believer in peer review/critique so please feel free to give me some constructive criticism.

I hope you enjoy following my animation journey.

Yahni 🙂